Stomach pain is in the back: what testifies to this, and what can I do?...

Often, patients ask the question of whether back pain is from the stomach. Yes, maybe, and this is a fairly common variant. But the pain in the abdomen and back at the same time a completely different origin.

Some of the symptoms are typical of more dangerous diseases of the stomach, some – for the less dangerous, but if the stomach hurts and the back at the same time you should see a doctor immediately.


In the event of aggravation, often the stomach, combined pain, and back (lower back – is more common in other parts of the back – rare).

What is the difference between the aggravation of gastric ulcers? First of all, begin to violently pain in the abdomen, and this happens immediately after eating.

If the attack ends with vomiting, pronounced sour taste, and after him it will be much easier – it is almost 100% is just the manifestation of acute ulcers.

A characteristic feature is used heartburn. Pain in the case of increased physical load, or immediately thereafter.

Stomach pain gives back1

When you lie down to the side, bend and pull to the belly ("pose of the Embryo"), comes the relief. Also, acute pain in the stomach, may occur radiating to the back, on an empty stomach.

In this case, after taking it normally. Spin in the event of aggravation of the ulcer, the pain can be very strong, more often on the left side, there is also in the lower back, so patients can assume that they manifest problems with the kidneys.

Also, it can give in the chest and in the lower part of the abdomen.

At best in such a Situation, do not self-medicate, but see a doctor.

He has a comprehensive treatment, which necessarily included:

  • the intake of painkillers;
  • the decrease of the inflammatory process;
  • the diet.

Modern counter ulcerative drugs are able to completely heal existing wounds, but since this disease has a tendency to return, always follow the diet and regular checkups and treatment.

Perforated Ulcer

Pain in the stomach radiating to the back, a note on perforated gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

The pain manifests itself suddenly. Energy is that you have to tolerate. Patients, without exaggeration, be afraid to not only move, but breathe.

Originally, it is localized directly above the navel, in the middle of the abdomen, possible heavy feeling in the right side, but quickly spreads to the whole abdomen.

In the back, under the shoulder blade and the "leg, the whole right side: shoulder grab" key. To the left there is a lot rarer.

In the case of the Manifestation of such symptoms, especially if you go by a strong tension of the muscles of the abdominal press (very firmly), you must immediately contact a doctor.

The treatment of perforated ulcer is removed surgically, and so far it will be successful – depending on how it was started in time.

In the event of aggravation of ulcers of the stomach hurts a lot and gives it back (in the lumbar Division). The pain occurs suddenly after a short period of time after eating or on an empty stomach, and in the latter case, after the food wears off.

It increases under load and at rest "let go". Contributes to the facilitation and improvement of well-being, and vomiting (it is acidic).

Acute Pancreatitis

Severe pain in the stomach radiating to the back, especially the right, are typical for acute pancreatitis. Especially if the pain in the back is also pretty intense.

The suddenness of the occurrence of the pain are also characteristic for this disease. Pain usually characterized by a feeling of bloating of the abdomen.

Most of the time it is in the area of the shoulder blades and in the lower back, less frequently in the heart: depends on what part of the pancreas is inflamed.

If pain pain in the abdomen and back, and vomiting accompanied – the probability that the Patient tortures especially pancreatitis, is very high, especially if vomiting brings no relief.

If you are concerned about Herpes pain in stomach and back – this is also a Symptom of pancreatitis. It is a sign of pretty severe stage of the disease.

The treatment of pancreatitis is even begun, the more effective the sooner it. Otherwise, it is possible to pass the disease from the acute Form to the chronic Form.

Please note: if the pain in the back and in the stomach emerged almost at the same time, and it happened after 6-12 hours after a heavy meal, especially with the consumption of alcohol - it is almost without a doubt acute pancreatitis.

If a queasy feeling in the stomach and in the back is in the lumbar spine – it suggests a chronic Form of pancreatitis. In General, at the same time people bother and pain in the upper abdomen.

Can accompanied these sensations and jaundice, which testifies to the fact that the bile duct found heavily, and its patency is disturbed (or is clogged).

The treatment in the chronic Form of inflammation of the pancreas that is inefficient, its main task is the prevention of the development of the complications may be very serious.

Hepatic colic

A queasy feeling in the stomach and back, and in the case of hepatic colic. How to distinguish them? In General, a sharp pain in the side kick first (to the right of the page, with the liver).

That is, in this case, pain in the stomach and in the back are отдающими. It is most noticeable in the area of the clavicle and the sacrum, more rarely, under the shoulder blade and at the base of the neck on the right side. The seizure lasts a long time – a few hours and sometimes for several days.

Seizure may be accompanied by vomiting (and most likely the Patient will vomit bile). Probably, the increase of the temperature.

You should immediately go to the doctor. In any case, you should take pain relievers, applying a heating pad! Also, the Patient should refrain from writing and drinking.

For the treatment the doctor prescribes medication, however, it is the primary part of the treatment is a very strict diet.


If a dull pain in the stomach, there are back – it is a sign of Gastritis, and about the fact that the disease is already in a pretty severe and advanced stage, and that the inflammation is not only the stomach but also by other organs of the digestive tract: for example, the pancreas or the gallbladder.

To appoint differentiate complicated Gastritis of degenerative disc disease, analyses. The more the stomach is hurt, the stronger the pain in the back.

In the treatment, aside from medication, diet appointed. Note the Power mode and after recovery to avoid relapse.

You should considerably the amount of consumed reduce oily and spicy foods. In the case of low-acidity, stop, canned food, and beverages, with high milk products.

Myocardial infarction

Stomach pain gives back2

If strong discomfort in the stomach and in the back there, where the person is unconsciously in the situation, he drops observed tachycardia, blood pressure, myocardial infarction can variant of its so-called histological.

You urgently need to cardiogram.

So, we see the can be quite a pain from the stomach back, but not so clearly:

  1. First, the pain of shingles can or call in a specific area of the back.
  2. Secondly, it can affect the body in different areas of the spine
  3. Thirdly, maybe not quite a stomach ache in the back and in both regions, pain from a different source (e.g., the diseases is possible with some heart-vascular, including myocardial infarction, but also in diseases of the lungs).

So the answer to the question "what to do?" there is only one: to immediately go to the doctor and faster to meet all their assigned studies, the treatment start to manifest disease.

Categorically it is impossible, these symptoms without attention, in the hope that everything will pass, because they started treatment on time to very tragic consequences.

And whether the stomach pain from the back? Yes, this is possible. For example, pain, which differ by osteoarthritis, the pain of the digestive tract difficult.

The fact that the Software nervous organs of the abdominal cavity, the segments of the spine (thoracic).

When vegetative Phase of the CSF of the spine, spinal injured, the organs do not change, while the Patient experienced no complaints. After some time, unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn, put a pain.

After the start of treatment some time later, after the brief relief of the patient's condition deteriorated. This is due to the fact that instead of the treatment of Osteoarthritis, the treatment of Gastritis.

If the stomach pain is stronger at the movements, in which is involved the thoracic spine, this is a sign that astonished the Mediterranean roots of the breast....