Pain in the left shoulder blade from the back of the back: causes, treatment, what if pain left shoulder blade

So, if you are on the back, then you can see that the left shoulder blade is fixed on the ribs of the chest. Between each of them, the nerves and blood vessels, размещающиеся in the recesses. Each other the ribs connect with the help of the ligament and muscular apparatus.

Closer to the center from the shoulder blade to spine, inside of which the spinal cord is located. Of him just driving and all of the nerves. Back muscles around the shoulder blade, well-developed enough. Your goal is the protection of the left lung, heart, spleen, stomach and pancreas, as well as the thoracic Aorta.

Back pain over left shoulder blade1

What are the factors that provoke the pain syndrome?

Pain under the left shoulder blade from the back of the back can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. Ulcer of the stomach. Here, the increasing back pain, it is closely related with the meals, but after a bout of vomiting is becoming weaker. An additional indication of the fact that it has provoked pain a ulcer, the presence of regurgitation or heartburn. Discomfort felt, not only in the shoulder-blade on the left, but the left nipple may be in the area of the sternum,. Normally, the Patient is able to move in this case is simply not capable of. If the pain is from the left side of the back manifested to strong, then you need to be treated immediately in the ambulance.
  2. Acute Pancreatitis. He is also able to cause quite a bit of pain in the left back below the shoulder blade. Sensations have a character of their own, in this case, Herpes, flash.
  3. Vegetative Kriz. The Manifestation of the symptoms is very bright. Besides pain in the rear to the left in the back, in humans, there is a feeling of compactness of the breast, fever in the same area, the impossibility of the exact localization of the complaints. The Patient is not able to breathe normally, to an increased feeling of fear, anxiety. You can not say that in this state, the localization of the pain is exactly. You often give in other parts of the body, even in the lower abdomen. The Patient has a feeling of coma in the throat and choking.
  4. Myocardial infarction. It also causes severe pain in the area of the left shoulder blade in the back from the back. This condition is often life-threatening, so it must detect in time and treat. The Patient has a burning feeling, he has no way to take a deep breath. The intensity of the pain from the left side of the back is very high, the Patient gives no response to nitro-glycerine, and even a pathological condition lasts for more than 10 minutes. The disease is characterized freely by the Patient during the attack, often by Hand.
  5. Angina pectoris. This cardiac pathology by the presence of pain under the shoulder blade in the back on the left back. Pain sensations in this sharp, squeezing the chest. The cause of this disease is vessels as a narrowing of the blood. Heart attack triggered by physical activity, hypothermia, drinking alcohol. Weaknesses it is able to nitroglycerin.
  6. Pathology of the respiratory organs. If the person feels a permanent pain syndrome in the back of the back under the left shoulder blade, the cause of such condition is used inflammation of the lungs, or of dry pleurisy. In the process, the unpleasant feelings accompany sneezing every deep breath, cough,. The pain is always oriented in the direction of the affected lung. Your character can be, depending on the severity of the pathology: negligible or cutting, penetrating.
  7. Dissecting aneurysm of the ascending Aorta. Because of their strain on the valve between the left atrium and the stomach increases. In this heart can not be finished so quickly with its functions as you need. This, in turn, caused a congestion of venous blood in the lungs, develops your swelling. At the point of attachment of the aneurysm to the vessel, its wall is thinned, and may at any time burst. There is a severe bleeding into the abdominal cavity.
  8. Biphasic Splenic Rupture. This cause is considered to be a very rare, however, and it is the place to be. In case of damage of tissues represented organ in a patient, an abdominal bleeding to stop is almost impossible. This condition requires immediate surgical treatment.
This pathology is necessary to detect as quickly as possible. Otherwise, with the due medical care, can die man.

What are the diseases of the periodontium pain provoke?

Pain under the left shoulder blade of the back lesions of the spine or other parts of the skeleton. There are reasons for the development of complaints:

  • Osteochondrosis of the neck. At the beginning of the development of the disease, the sensations of the patient is difficult to determine, but give in the direction of those nerve roots that are damaged. Pain draw spontaneously, can go after the passage of a warm bath. In the area of the neck in the future serves jammed nerves and blood vessels that does not go unnoticed. Additional Symptom of the pathology is that the pain is in the Hand. Developed osteochondrosis of the cervical most common in people, the behavior deliberately or involuntarily passive, lack of exercise. What is the character of the pain, then it is whining under the shoulder blade, sting.
  • The defeat of the intercostal nerves. The presented condition is the most common cause of back pain on the left side under the shoulder blade. A deep breath, a cough, a tendency reinforced in the left side pain. The sensations are very sharp, strong. If the pathology progresses, acquires the pain under the shoulder blade in the back of a burning character.
  • Shoulder blade -rib syndrome. Sensations, usually pain, to drag. Discomfort localized in the area above and under the shoulder blade, under the shoulders. Feature of the pathology is that during the movement of the Hand and arm, you hear the crunch. The cause for the emergence of such a disease very strong physical stress, injury is always a certain part of the body, hypothermia.
  • A malignant Tumor suffers, a skeleton. It is on the shoulder blade localized in the Tumor itself or its metastases.
  • Shovel-Crunching. The disease does not occur so often, and fails under лопаточную bag. Pain here is not a high intensity. But to listen to while driving in the area of the shoulder blade crunch.
  • Osteomyelitis, caused by injury of specific character, for example: wounds of weapons.
  • Shoulder-Blade Periarthritis. If it is a simple Form of development, the feeling will not stand out too bright. Symptoms usually found only in some of the movements. In the acute stage of the development of the pathology is characterized by the appearances, especially in the night. In the shoulder mobility is limited, there is an increase in the basal body temperature, and muscle cramp.

Pain under the left shoulder blade can be a Symptom for a serious pathology, especially if there is a burning, sharp or stabbing. A pathological condition of pregnancy can provoke even. This period is characterized by the fact that the female body undergoes a tremendous burden.

Before the Start of the treatment of a condition, you need to determine the reason of their occurrence. For the diagnosis it is also important the pain syndrome. It can be:

  1. Tinea. The complaints can be localized in one place. The person feels him constantly. The Patient may not breathe normally, as this leads to an amplification of the syndrome. Deterioration in the condition of the patient capable of making the slightest movement, cough. The nature of pain that is triggered by the passage of nerve impulses between the ribs.
  2. Lorraine). In the case of the affected numbness can observed feel certain areas of the skin, in the body tingling.
  3. Progressive. Because the pain under the shoulder blade will be given from the back of the Hand. Provoke these symptoms is able to increased muscle tone of the shoulder and back.
  4. Sharp. Here, the intensity of the pain is in the back under the left shoulder blade as very high. Often the Patient can't breathe, it falls to him to lie heavy on the left side, the movement has become unbearable.
  5. Blade. He is first localized on the left side, and then goes to the middle.
  6. Dull, aching pain in the left shoulder blade. It usually occurs when lifting by Hand.
  7. Pain-Pull Syndrome. He is often "excessive" at the shoulder blade in the lumbar part of the spine.
  8. Sharp.
  9. Constant pain, not really breathing, movement.
  10. As you can see, there are many different character types of complaints. Therefore, to accurately determine the cause of the development of the pathology itself does not work. That is, if you are in pain, the Patient must go to the doctor and a thorough examination.

    Back pain over left shoulder blade2

    Peculiarities of the diagnosis of the disease

    To feel if a patient is a dull pain that begins to pain in the area of the left scapula, the treatment starts with a full investigation. The diagnosis includes the following procedures:

    • Radiography of the spine, and it occurs in several projections. Also, the picture may show problems with the lungs.
    • The Computer Tomography.
    • MRI.
    • In the presence of cardiac symptoms, the Patient ECG to be ordered.
    • Ultrasound of the internal organs.
    • Instrumental study of the pulse, the blood pressure.
    • Biochemical and blood count
    According to the investigation and determination of the causes of the pathological condition of the patients assigned treatment. Maybe he also needs the consultation of the cardiologist, gastroenterologa.

    How it is correct to treat the disease?

    Of course, if the Patient begins to feel pain in the left shoulder blade in the back, he can't take a deep breath, he should start a therapy. Methods for pain under the left shoulder blade defined factors, the mechanism of the development of the pathological process. It is not enough to just eliminate the symptoms, as they manifest quickly.

    Any disease characterized by its symptoms, therefore, the Schema therapy is always different. But each of them contains important recommendations for the observance of the daily routine and diet. Of course, the treatment of dull pain is with the use of drugs.

    About how to relieve pain program Elena Malysheva and his helpers told in his TV:

    If conservative therapy offers no positive dynamics, which shows the Patient's surgery. For example, surgical hernia of considerable size, the spleen, the stomach, accompanied by internal bleeding need to treat.

    When should I go to the hospital?

    So, if the complaints be constantly present, and with a deep breath of stronger starts in the arm and other parts of the body, should immediately consult with the specialists. Simple elimination of the symptoms only aggravate the Situation, since the disease will continue to develop further.

    Even if the Patient knows the cause of his condition, it is necessary to immediately escape to a specialist. It is recommended that you consult with a therapist who leads to a place where it is necessary.
    Preventive Measures

    Completely against all diseases is not possible. However, you can try to avoid those factors, the deterioration of the health provoke. For example, you should eat correctly, to the daily physical exercises that enable to hold the body on its toes and to train the muscles. In the presence of the seat for the activity in a warm-up, requires on a regular basis. of course, it is better to avoid the various types of injuries.

    If you want to know why pain under the left shoulder blade from behind, then you can take a timely effective treatment. Of course, to overcome some of the pathology, particularly degenerative-dystrophic, completely fail. But the right therapy can help slow the progression. Stay healthy and do not ignore the advice of a specialist!