Loin hurts in the same step

The syndrome manifests itself suddenly, and the pain from the waist to the leg with the opposite side from the sick of the place. This is due to the fact that at the level of the loin and the sacrum are nerve plexuses for the innervation of the lower extremities, the Spin brain to cross and transmit the Signal to the opposite side.


For pain in the lower back and barking in the foot of the main reason radicular syndromes – radiculopathy. Reflected in the narrowing of the nerve root of the spinal cord, the sensitive and motor impulses from the brain to the muscles. Back pain can be caused, and type in leg pain:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Between the vertebrae, hernia;
  • Discus displacement or vortex;
  • Scoliosis.


Osteochondrosis is a process of Proliferation of the cartilage tissue of the vertebrae. This leads to a violation of the nerve root and fibres in paravertebral area on the border of what can cause pain in the legs, but also other damage to the internal organs. In addition to back pain отдающей in the leg, perhaps, a feeling of stiffness in the back, the handle impossibility, numbness of the limbs and of the back. The most visible of the acute pain he was in, the underside of the thigh. Can also prone to pain syndrome.

Back pain radiates to the leg1

Treatment in case of osteochondrosis longer and the pain can only last of a course of glucocorticoid drugs and blockages, since the process is essentially not reversible, and position the treatment requires a more conservative and quiet.

Between Vertebrates Hernia

Back radiating into the left leg to signal between the vertebral hernia is a protrusion or the beginning of fibrosis Ring of the disc is pain. Between the intervertebral disc a type of shock absorber of the human body, which eliminates the Vibration and supports the flexibility of the spine. It consists of fibrosis rings, and pulpous Kernel.

Protrusion is the process of refining fibrosis rings, which leads to a protrusion of the core. This education pain able to undermine the nerves and cause. Often, if a protrusion of the back hurts and pulls out a leg.

Sharp aching pain is typical of the between the vertebral disc herniation. Between the vertebrates hernia is a strong degree of protrusion is characterized by the rupture of the fibrous covering, and in some cases, loss of the kernel. Pain from the spine is distributed not only in legs but also in other areas of the body due to the displacement of the spine. A special role aid will play correctly, as the Status is comparable with a fracture of the spine.

Displacement of the vertebral body

In the case of a shift perezhat was done, the nerve endings in this area. Often pains in the back and in the surrounding tissue, which numbs the skin, peeled legs. In dependence on the displacement, pain in the right leg, to feel, or on the left side. It depends on the side of Bias and the degree.

Also be a Symptom of an unnatural attitude can serve, so that people can go, pull the rear part of the body or the affected side of the page, the back like a "it hurts". Because of the peculiarities of the anatomy of the foot to the left can go up, like a man trying to walk on his heels. Dangerous such a condition is not pain only, but also the fact that the lower back is stripped almost completely normal blood flow, which can lead to necrosis and loss of the functions of the organs for a long time.

The displacement occurs after an injury or sprains. The most common for this pathology is Winter, because the ice promotes slippery falls and clamping gland injury.


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine from its axis to the right or to the left. The disease develops over time and due to improper planting or a long Cardio exercises with pressure on the spine. The vertebrae form a certain shape, with all the complicated muscular apparatus, pulling the vertebrae to the side. The treatment takes a long time and consists in the formation of the correct posture muscles, begin the leveling позвоночнизогнутыйик. The corsets, physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

Back pain radiates to the leg2


Treatment of the pain syndrome can specialist a expert, because the pain may not be in the leg, clearly a Symptom for the diagnosis. What to do and why it hurts, can completely orthopedist or a surgeon to say, after performing the MRI, radiography, and visual evaluation of the condition. The treatment is usually done in the hospital and will begin with the establishment of lidocaine blockages, relieve pain and not to give the defeat of the brain to develop. Further, the treatment is the elimination of the basic causes that causes the pain in the back.