What could pain the reasons for back with women? Why do women it hurts loin?

On the nature of the pain

It is worth noting that it can be quite different to the pain in the lumbar region. So it is achy, dull, sharp, stabbing, local, or spreading to large parts of the back. In addition, the data discomfort occur different. The pain can grow, appear, immediately, to grow from day to day. If this happens once and is not repeatable, it's nothing bad. In such a case, do not panic. But if the pain occurs intermittently or, worse yet, grows, in this Situation, it is necessary to take immediate medical assistance. Because it says about the presence of a certain disease in the body.

Reason Number 1: Women's Day

What are the causes of back pain in women? The first menstrual period. Quite a lot of women feel the pain in this time. Why is this happening? All the fault of the accumulation of fluid in the body and as a result of a slight increase in weight (not more than 2 kg). About a few days prior to bleeding, this troublesome Symptom. And the pain occurs because in this time, several ladies, the focus, of the in the lumbar area moves. To deal with it. So experts recommend to drink at this time diuretics. Of медикаменозных drugs have to plant, preferring a Cup of tea from medicinal to fall.

Back pain in women1

Reason №2: Pregnancy

Another very popular answer to the question, why the back in the case of women, hurts, – the discharge of the child. The complaints occur already then, when the abdomen of the expectant mother will only be swept away and begins to bring some inconvenience. To blame for additional weight in the waist area, and what is causing the discomfort. In addition, in the body of the ladies while carrying the baby, the hormone progesterone, the weak joints and ligaments. And this leads to increased stress on the spine of the woman. In this case, pain is pain and pulling. With them you can Cope with the normal charging or moderate physical activity.

Reason №3: Breast

We continue to look at the reasons for back pain in women. So, unpleasant sensations may occur, if for the ladies the chest of an impressive size. In this case, there is often a carefully lumbar pain. The reason – the displacement of the center of gravity. He is a little higher than the girls with small Breasts. In this case, to be deflected to a normal balance, taz ladies a little to the rear, moved. Muscles experience an excessive load, which in this pain. In this case, you can solve this Problem with the help of a special Bras to support the breast and lead to posture in order.

Back pain in women2

Reason №4: Shoes

If the loin pains, are lurking in the causes in women even in the wardrobe. Thus, a similar phenomenon can, to frequent wearing of shoes with high heels. High-heeled shoes contribute to the natural curvature of the body changes, the pool doing a little increases. In the body the imbalance is, and that leads to pain. To deal with it. We need to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, the heel is not larger than 5 centimeters.

Reason №5: Heavy-Duty Bags

Back pain in women3

What are the causes of back pain in women? For example, can be to blame for heavy bags. The ladies in our country do not carry yet weaned from the market or store a huge amount of heavy parcels with food. An expert say that if a woman with no particular physical Fitness often carries packages or bags with a weight of about 5 kg, and after a month does she have any pain in the lumbar region. Cope with this Problem easily. Need to carry or abandon it entirely, such as weight lifting, or try weight properly distributed.

The reason №6: gynecological diseases

The next Problem is, why pain lumbar in women with various gynecological diseases. This can, for example, inflammation of the appendages or pelvic inflammatory disease. In this case, the pain is located mostly in the lower part of the abdomen, but also often "given away" and in the lower back.

Cause Number 7: Menopause

Back pain in women can occur, and also in menopause. In this case, the debt is essentially due to two reasons:

  1. Instability of the estrogen specific hormones that influence the blood flow in the pelvic area.
  2. In this time, in women can occur and diseases such as osteoporosis, herniated disc, and that leads to pain in the lumbar region.

The above are the causes of pain in the lower back, the only women are. However, data miss sensations arise and in other cases.

Reason Number 8: Obesity

Why loin hurts? The reasons for women can hide in obesity. Especially often this Problem occurs with the older ladies. The pain will appear when the Patient is the third or fourth degree of obesity. In this case, overweight a number of problems caused in the body, including excessive strain on the lumbar area.

Other causes of back pain

Why is it painful lumbar in women? What else could be the cause?

  1. Osteoporosis. In this case, greatly exhausted, bone tissue pain, what caused. By the way, this pathology more women suffer than men. Although the representatives of the stronger sex are affected by the Problem.
  2. Kidney disease. In this case, the pain sensations will arise, along with other symptoms. Thus, the pressure of the patient, and often edema.
  3. Appendicitis. In this case, it mostly hurts in the lower right part of the abdomen. But often the pain is to give and in the lower back, especially in its right part
  4. Pancreatitis. The pain can cover the entire circumference of the waist (including taps and lumbar area). This disease is diagnosed after other associated symptoms: violation of defecation, vomiting, plaque on the tongue, etc.
  5. The Infection. Back pain may occur when, in the pathogenesis of bone tissue involved. This occurs most often due to tuberculosis of the bone. Again, the disease is diagnosed by other symptoms, as well as by results of additional investigations.
  6. Myositis, i.e., an inflammation of the muscles. It is worth noting that inflammatory processes in the lumbar spine very often, since the load on this area is extremely high. This Symptom can occur, due to the simple cooling of the target area. The nature of the pain can be quite different.
  7. Of The Tumor. If a wound below the waist for both men and women, the reason can of the Tumor (benign or malignant). They occur along the nerve fibres to stimuli. Symptoms can also be different, depending on the disease and the degree of their development.

What can I do?

We continue to look at the theme "pain in women: causes". The treatment – this is what you want to tell. At the beginning you have to say, that it is very important to find out why there are complaints, there is evidence. Consider different situations:

  1. If the pain is caused by injury or sprain, painkiller drink. You can relieve eliminate the inflammation and for a while the pain.
  2. If the pain in the lower back area caused by edema, worth a try diuretic.
  3. In all other cases, requires a specific treatment, which should only be performed by qualified specialists.

What you can't do

If the cause of the pain is in my lower back unknown, it is important to remember what not to do in this case:

  1. It is prohibited to warm the area of the pain. The heat increases the blood flow, which can lead to exacerbation of the inflammatory process.
  2. Long-Time Pain Medications Pain. If unpleasant sensations periodically appear, you should take medical help. Because in this case, the body may simply signal a Problem, to fight with the us.
  3. Even vortex insert. Because the cause can be, and is not in the shift. And these measures to a contrary result.

Risk group

There is also a certain risk group. The people who may be more likely to earn the Rest of it are such a Problem, such as pain in the lower back. These include:

  1. The ladies, in which a sedentary activity.
  2. Women with physical work. Often excessive stress on the body can lead to similar Symptom.
  3. The can earn in the countryside also has this Problem. We must remember that for a long time, you may not in a Position
  4. Women who dress in the cold season. It must be remembered that the loins and the organs of the small pelvis should be kept warm. The only way a lady will not be able to have a cold and therefore, not pain earn in the lower back.

If at the woman the pain was in the lumbar region, you need to ask so early as possible for help to the doctor. In this case, come on reception to the neurologist, gynecologist, urologist, or simply to the therapist.