Sudden, severe pain in the back of the spine

To feel, very often, pain syndrome in the area of the loin, because it is exactly in this Zone, the maximum load is eliminated. If strong of back pain, you should consult a specialist. This Symptom may indicate serious violations in the work of the organism.

Sharp pain in the back1

How to determine the causes of the pain syndrome

In order to identify the factors that give rise to the emergence of pain in the area of the spine, you need to determine the nature of the complaints. Sometimes a Patient will say the pain is not so strong that I could not move. In addition, equally important is the fact, with what side it comes to unpleasant sensations and in what position – lying down, sitting or standing. Especially the attention to the mechanism of the emergence of pain. In this case, consider these criteria:

  1. Analyze the history of the injury within one week prior to the occurrence of a painful syndrome. Just in the remote period after the injury acute pain most often occurs in the back. In General, patients over the injuries to forget, in memory of her, only to see the doctor.
  2. You rate the character of the pain. If the complaints lumbago has character and occurs in the movement, about its neural nature. Burning pain, which increases during exercise, accompanied by shortness of breath and cough, is a Testament to the development of diseases of organs in the chest. In this case, pain may occur when swallowing.
  3. You determine the accompanying symptoms of pain. If back pain between the shoulder blades, but other symptoms are absent, it is due to the injuries in the muscle-joint elements of the spine. If there are other symptoms, you need to other causes.
  4. Duration of the pain syndrome. If the pain in the back between the shoulder blades is created dramatically, testifies to its vertebral or neurogenic nature. In case of prolonged presence of pain can you say about the defeat of the organs of the chest or age-related processes in the spine.

What conditions provoke pain syndrome in the back

Among the most important causes of pain in the area of the spine following:

  1. The disturbance of the equilibrium of physical activity. The emergence of a painful syndrome may indicate lack of motion and weakness of the ligaments and muscles of the spine. In this case, you need to move more and use special exercises to perform. Quite a lot of problems caused and excessive physical activity, when the person to go in for active sports makes sharp turns, raises the force of gravity, etc.
  2. Injuries of the spine and of the chest. Unbearable pain to occur in fractures of the ribs or the neck and thoracic spine. Also, you provoke subluxations of the spine, spondylolisthesis.
  3. Osteochondrosis, spondiloarthrosis.
  4. The curvature of the column of the spine. This includes scoliosis, kyphosis etc.
  5. Disease of the intervertebral discs. This category contains hernia, tab, and hair loss.
  6. The development of sciatica or radiculo neuropathy.
  7. Between the ribs neuralgia.
  8. Ishemicheskaya the disease. In this case, the heart is affected, what is in the Form of Angina or heart attack. This Problem can indicate, pain in the back under the shoulder blade.
  9. Pathology of the organs of the posterior mediastinum. To do this, lesions of the esophagus, tumorous formation.
  10. Diseases of the pleural and bronchopulmonary pathology. These include pneumonia and all sorts of varieties of pleurisy.
  11. Pathology of infectious nature. In this category, Poliomyelitis, tuberculosis of the lungs and the spine.
  12. Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  13. Professional lesions of the spine, due to the dangerous working conditions.
  14. Metastases of malignant tumor formation.


When the pain in the back, you should consult urgently to a neurologist. The specialist leads the investigation and questioning of the patient, the causes of complaints. In addition, in General, the use of such diagnostic tests:

Sharp pain in the back2
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging;
  • Ultrasound examination;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • The laboratory analyses.

Treatment methods

How to deal with pain syndrome, you must install its reasons. So that the treatment is effective, it has to bear a complex character. In its composition, necessary drug therapy, the physiotherapy way, the means of physiotherapy.

Of drugs in General, steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which have a high efficiency. In addition, pain can help.

Remove pain syndrome and physiotherapy treatments to help. However, they do keep regularly. Among the most effective is the following:

  • Electrophoresis of novocaine, and лидаз;
  • the ultrasonic treatment;
  • Laser treatment;
  • Magnetic field therapy;
  • Electro-therapy;
  • Traction;
  • Massage;
  • manual therapy;
  • the Spa treatment.

To get rid of the pain syndrome, it is recommended to physiotherapy exercises. Perform special exercises of the acute complaints start to the relief. You need every day to prevent relapse.

Sharp pain in the back3


For the prevention of the aggravation of the condition, you must do the following:

  • more often get up and knead, if the ice machine is sitting for long periods of time at the Computer;
  • you draw on the wall if necessary, a longer period of time;
  • force-distributing hard-to-evenly, backpacks use;
  • you bend your knees, understanding heavy objects;
  • don't make any sudden movements;
  • every day, the exercises, the inclinations and the twists and turns of the body, Stretching and twisting;
  • check your posture, try to move you, with a straight back;
  • to sleep, choose a comfortable mattress, a waiver of the application of the high pillows.

Pain syndrome in the area of the back, accompanied with quite a lot of diseases. He can be associated with traumatic injuries, pathologies of the Thorax, or degenerative processes in the spine. If strong back pain, a visit to a specialist scare you – only a comprehensive investigation will contribute to the causes of the complaints and the optimal therapy.