Joint pain causes diet and treatment

Joint occur in inflammatory diseases of the joints (Arthritis), metabolic or degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis), pain of the soft tissue disorders around the joint, in the case of different allergic, infectious diseases, diseases of the blood, the internal organs, of the nervous-and hormone system. Therefore, if you have pain in your joints, you must consult a doctor to find out why they hurt, and only then can the treatment begin.

Pain in the joints — as an expression of the General intoxication of the organism. In various acute diseases (e.g., influenza, Angina) and chronic (chronic tonsillitis, cholecystitis, etc.) can occur in regular intervals, fleeting pain, in one way or in another joint. This is one of the manifestations of General intoxication (poisoning) of the body. Such pain usually can be reduced or are in successful treatment of the underlying disease.

Pain in the joints in Arthritis

In the case of the inflammation of the joint (Arthritis) pain, worse prolonged immobility of the joint. They increase late in the night and in the morning and force to move the patients to relieve the pain. This so-called "inflammatory" pain, its origin is due to the accumulation in the cavity of the joint products of the inflammation, irritating the nerve endings.

The treatment of joint pain in Arthritis is aimed at the abolition of the inflammation in the joint (antibiotics, glucocorticoid hormones, etc.) and strengthening of the body's own defenses. To reduce according to the decrease of inflammation and pain. For the relief of severe pain different pain use of resources and alleviates swelling of the tissues of the drugs, including compositions for external application, as well as physiotherapy.

Causes of pain in the joints1

Joint pain in rheumatic arthritis

Rheumatic fever usually occurs after a tonsillitis or the flu. The disease begins acutely with high fever. Joints (usually large) is symmetrical, you are strongly swollen and painful to the touch. Pain after the appointment of Anti-inflammatory treatment (antibiotics, non-specific inflammation inhibitors).

Cause for the development of rheumatoid Arthritis is not fully understood. The most characteristic step of the way, slow development of the disease. Swelling, stiffness, and moderate pain first the small joints of the hands and feet, then involved in the process, and the larger joints (knee, shoulder, pelvis, thigh). The joints change shape, the muscles to shrink around them (atrophy). Aching pain constantly and is very concerned about the patients.

Reduce pain and swelling after the intake of nonspecific anti-inflammatory drugs — NSAIDs, including compositions for external application. If NSAIDs do not bring relief, but also the presence of lesions of the internal organs and the General condition assigned to hormone therapy . Hormones in extreme cases, when all other possibilities have been exhausted. In the case of severe pain on the joint of the rail, the fixation of the limb for the patient in a comfortable Position. The pain, the heat will be facilitated.

Joint pain in osteoarthritis

In the case of degenerative lesions in the joint (osteoarthritis), which may occur in the joint after an injury or in old age as a result of metabolic disorders, the intensity of the pain in the joint is usually small, it increases under load, especially at the end of the day, and disappears in the night or at rest. This "mechanical" type of pain, it arises from the mechanical irritation of the Shell joints salts formed in the process of metabolic disorders.

For the relief of pain in osteoarthritis of the affected joint regularly holiday. The pain is also heat to the area of the joint (warm compresses, baths, Paraffin, ozokerite, dirt). Also applies to painkillers . Massage and special exercises strengthen the muscles and reduce the stress on the articular surfaces also contribute to the elimination of pain.

Causes of pain in the joints2

Functional Joint Pain

In the case of Stress and nervous strain of functional pain can occur in the joint. You have an indeterminate rhythm and the different intensity, the mental and emotional Stress and disappear during sleep. Such pain does not reduce of painkillers and physiotherapy, but can happen from the application of sedatives, or when changing the living and working conditions.

Functional pain is caused by a temporary disturbance of blood supply to the joints (spasm of the blood vessels in the result of nervous tension). It is important to remember that the pain in the joints — this is not always a sign of disease of the joint carefully, often it is a sign of a systemic disease (the defeat of the joints is only a Manifestation of the disease).

To understand what is the cause of the pain in the joint and you have the right treatment in every case, a consultation with the qualified professional.

The treatment of joint pain

If you do not treat constant pain in the joints of the lower extremities in самодиагностикой and self. There is a risk is always properly assess the extent of damage, provoke the development of complications and chronicity of the process. You must consultation visit. In the case of pain in the joints of the feet, see a doctor. Only a qualified doctor after a thorough inspection and all the necessary instrumental investigations, is able to accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The treatment of joint pain folk medicine

In the majority of Folk remedies are not able to get rid of the problems with joints and for always – you can only slow down the wear and tear of cartilage tissue, that is to say, to act preventively, and not therapeutically. For example, gelatin for the joints is useful, because he himself is a product of connective tissue, and, therefore, acts as a Collagen "feeding". But there are some real recipes for pain in the joints.

Inner Fat Pets

Suitable pork, beef, lamb, and even chicken fat, the main thing is, it was fresh, unsalted, and to consolidate his number enough covered to all the sick of the place. Grease on the joints, from the top wrap of polyethylene (can put the elastic plastic foil) and scarf wool, scarf. Every two days the fat and replace with more fresh, compress, and hold round-the-clock in the past week, according to the pain considerably. There are even cases when people could not move because of the severe pain, and the course of treatment helped fat them regain the joy of movement.

A compress from egg shell

The shell of raw eggs in cold water, washed, dried and flatten until the condition of the powder. Then mix it with yogurt or sour milk in a ratio of 1:1 (e.g., 2 tablespoons powder 2 tablespoons of yoghurt). The mixture is distributed directly into the diseased joint, the top with plastic sheet cover and wrapped with a scarf of wool . The next day the dressing change, and so in the course of the week. Then you need a week's break, and after him another weeks course. The effect of such a compress is faster, if the simultaneous intake of egg shells with lemon juice – this is the Home of "biologically active additives" you find in one of our publications.

Растирка iodine

Iodine and pure alcohol mix in the same amounts, poured the contents of the vessel, the mixture in a glass, and in the course of the day in a warm place. The solution should be bright, almost transparent – this is a sign and a proof of his readiness. Manufactured in the medium to lubricate the joints twice a day. Overlay-warming headbands from above don't need. If the Hand is not pure alcohol, Fit and triple Cologne.

Handling of kerosene and salt

A glass of salt combine with half a glass of dry mustard and kerosene was added, to a viscous Paste. She rubbed and applied to the aching joints and warm Bandage with a woolen scarf or towel. It is recommended that this procedure in the night. Repeat, you do not need to, as long as the pain is faint in the joints.

Treatment of the joints sole cabbage

A good method, but you use spaces, it is only in the time, when in the daily diet of Sauerkraut. It is dosed in an amount of 1 tablespoon, diluted with water (1/4 Cup) and drink this "Cocktail" 1-2 times a day for a month. You can also RUB the undiluted cabbage cucumber directly into the joints.

Diet for joint pain

General requirements for the nutrition and pain in the joints:

  • the restriction of carbohydrates, especially sugar;
  • Acceptance (maximum) salt;
  • smaller, more frequent meals (5-6 meals per day);
  • the exception to the ration of the sharp and salty foods extract substances (strong broth, fried food), strong drinks, strong tea, coffee.

Dishes are without salt, meat and fish — or lightly cooked поджаренном (after cooking); vegetables should be well cooked.

General information in case of diseases of the joints:

  • Soups — mostly vegetarian, but also cereals, milk, fruit, not to strong meat-or fish soup — 1-2 times per week.
  • Meat or poultry low-fat varieties, mostly cooked, or bake. It is desirable, liver, tongue, brain, chicken, veal.
  • Fish of different varieties, with the exception of salt and smoked.
  • Soft-boiled eggs, omelets. Salads with vegetable oils from various vegetables, vegetables as side dishes. Limit (with some exceptions) beans, peas, beans, spinach, sorrel.
  • Dishes made from fruits, berries: all, limit grapes.
  • Dishes from cereals, milk products are not restricted.
  • Fats: Butter, vegetable oil (1/3 of the total amount).
  • Sweets: sugar — up to 30 G per day (4-piece), honey, jam, jam.
  • Drinks: weak tea, tea drink, vegetable, fruit, berry juices (except grape juice). Alcoholic beverages are excluded.
  • Spices, Spices: Bay Leaf, Dill, Parsley, Cinnamon, Cloves.