Back pain

In most cases, this pathology occurs on the background of the different changes in the structure of the joints of the spine and the nearby muscles, nerve endings, or the skin over the spine. In addition to this Symptom of some diseases or impairments of the internal organs.

The place of localization of pain can be much has been said about what damage the internal organs. So, pain in the lower back suggests that may have affected bone tissue of the spine, in man the Band develop hernias, amazed at the nerve, bone marrow, organs of the abdominal cavity and the small pelvis.


Pain in the upper back is shown against the background of various diseases of the Aorta, cancer, or benign growths in the breast, cough, but also on the background of inflammation of the spine. But much more frequently of pain in the back appear to be due to the large loads on the joints and ligaments of the spine.

But if the complaints extend to both sides of the back, as well as other symptoms are expressed, for example, increase of body temperature up to 38 degrees, constant nausea, pressure on the lungs when coughing and stomach discomfort, you should treat it immediately in medical institution for carrying out the treatment, since the combination of the characteristics may indicate serious internal disorders.


Pain in the back, not unusual for a completely healthy person, but a couple of times more frequently in diseases. The main causes in connection with disorders of body functions, various violations of the integrity of the spine. This group includes pathological causes of the following diseases:

  • Osteomyelitis, where the bone marrow is affected;
  • cancer-like growths, or metastases, often to the spine, can cause pain in the back;
  • the formation of hernia in the intervertebral discs;
  • Displacement of the vertebrae;
  • Curvature of the spine to a varying extent;
  • Fractures or other injuries of this organ;
  • Stenosis of the channels of the spine;
  • spondiloarthrosis loss of cartilage;
  • Fibromyalgia – chronic muscle pain, accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms.Only pain occurs in the upper back area, but also in the lower.

The causes of pain in connection with diseases of the spine, or the change of its structure:

  • Pelvic Bleeding;
  • Compression of the nerves in the грудинный leads to the emergence of back pain during inhalation;
  • gynecological diseases often by unpleasant sensations in the right side or in the lower back in General;
  • the accumulation of large amounts of blood in the retroperitoneal space;
  • the diseases of the various organs of the small pelvis;
  • Aortic dissection;
  • Peptic ulcer disease pain leaves in the back between the shoulder;
  • Disturbances of kidney function;
  • Shingles;
  • Arthritis;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract and of the genitourinary system, causing pain in the back, to the right or to the left (to the projection of the affected organ);
  • Functional disorders of organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • rheumatology disease;
  • Neoplasms in the lung, pain can be manifested when inhaling or coughing;
  • Diseases of cardiovascular system, a Person can cause pain in the side, usually the left;
  • Formation of stones in the kidney manifested by back pain;
  • Appendicitis – this disease is pain in both flanks;
  • Infectious diseases, accompanied by lesions of the lung.

In most cases, these reasons pain can stimulate in the back below the waist.

Factors, the pain may be in a healthy adult Person or of a child:

  • long-lasting influence of cold temperatures;
  • Working conditions in which man is forced to lift weights for several hours in a row;
  • sudden movements;
  • in the case of a strong cough (there is pain in the back above the waist);
  • Stay in an uncomfortable Position, perhaps during sleep or on long journeys;
  • Over the course of the menstrual cycle;
  • Injuries or fractures, wherein optionally the spine. Due to fractures pain from the damaged often given away in the back;
  • attitude of weakness;
  • increased body weight;
  • for each age, problems with the back can occur in any age, but for people in middle and advanced age such a feature is characteristic of most of the time, because in the body can lick chronic diseases, slows down some processes, and why there is pain in the muscles of the back (can't take a long time).

We should also keep in mind back pain in pregnancy. Woman during the entire duration of the feels a heaviness in the back and pain in the chest when coughing, due to the growing fruit and the pressure he generated. Due to the displacement of the trunk, the muscles of the lumbar spine and the pelvis harness to support the weight. For these reasons, the pain in the back appears.


Depending on the causes, this unpleasant feeling can be localized in different places:

  • Pain in the back above the waist – maybe periodic or chronic in nature, occurs mainly because of the harmless factors, among which, the wrong organization of the workplace or the rise of the heavy;
  • Pain appear directly in the lumbar spine – against the background of the displacement or disc herniation. Pain can be so strong that it's a pain in the back, everything goes on the inhale, and cough, but in the horizontal Position;
  • Pain below the waist can occur due to hypothermia or heavy loads on the back. If this Symptom occurred in any disease, you should immediately call an ambulance. Characteristic for this species paresthesia in the right-hand side, the type often in the lower extremities;
  • Pain in the shoulder blades – pain in the back on the left side occurs during a heart attack, or psychological problems. Often spreads in such unusual places, such as the Hand, neck or groin. On the right side – in the formation of stones or other pathologies of the kidney. Pain in both shoulder blades presses due to tumors or tuberculosis;
  • Pain in the back on the right side – gives a Signal about the problems with breathing, lung inflammation or cancer in the lungs or the bronchi, as well as the organs involved in the secretion of the urine;
  • Back pain on the left – talks about the problems with the heart and the respiratory system;
  • Lower back pain – the most common type of complaints as you can. because of the large number of diseases, for example, when coughing, or under the influence of external factors This is typical, when such pain continues to extend to the side and drive, more than three months, this means that the disease passed into the chronic Form;
  • Pain in the upper back, often cancer tumors or metastases in the lungs or the spine.


Symptoms back pain of different localization, can vary, depending on the cause of the emergence. Usually pain in the back accompanied by symptoms:

  • Disability and motor functions of people due to the different intensity of the pain and spread in different directions, other organs or limbs;
  • frequent desire to emit urine, especially if pain in the lower back is causing problems with the kidneys or urine out of the leading channel;
  • in some cases, a fever occurs;
  • a drastic reduction of the body weight;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Weakness and pain in the muscles of the back;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • the pressure in the area of the chest, the heart and the lungs;
  • the emergence of severe pain in the lungs when coughing;
  • a feeling of lack of air;
  • constant agitation;
  • Distraction of the attention;
  • Decrease of visual acuity and hearing.

Since the main Symptom is the pain, you can wear a different character. In some cases, it can be sharp and sharp, in the other constant and under pressure. Pain often spreads in different directions, the internal organs, or such places, in which there is, in principle, should not be, such as the face, neck, under the jaw. In some cases, this pain syndrome escalated after the meal, or Vice versa, ends, and may occur during sleep, due to incorrect location, or even to go as soon as a Person takes a horizontal Position.

It is occur due to this instability of the symptoms, and a variety of causes, should not take any steps for self-treatment. This is an important process should be only by specialists in the clinical conditions.


Before the start of the treatment, the therapist is necessary, a number of studies to determine the possible causes for the expression of pain, its type and place of localization. Thus, the attending doctor sensations a complete picture over the course of these complaints, the patient need:

  • provide comprehensive information about the symptoms, accompanying pain in the back, if you appeared for the first time and how intensely;
  • guesses about what could cause such a sensation, such as Menstruation, an uncomfortable posture for sleep or the Position of the body while working out, coughing or sudden movements, as well as give the opportunity to one skilled in the art read the full list of all the diseases of the individual patient for the whole life;
  • say, the point at which the pain occurs, and on what organs, or side of the body is distributed. It is very important for the determination of the diagnosis, since the different localization of pain can talk about various diseases;
  • the main study in which the therapist Palpation of the spine;
  • the analyses of blood and urine for the determination of the pathological process or diseases of the kidneys;
  • Electromyography x-rays – to identify what helps, abnormalities of the structure of the spine, thorax and lungs;
  • pass CT-or MRI – for the detection of possible pathologies of the internal organs;
  • examines the muscles with the help of electromyography;
  • a study of the bones by the introduction of a contrast agent in the body. Where is it deposited, and there is a violation;
  • be consulted for the determination of the density of bone tissue;
  • additionally, consult with such specialists as a neurologist, rheumatologist, orthopedist.

After receiving all test results, a doctor, a personalized treatment for each patient.


Preventive methods are pain to prevent the formation of back:

  • a timely treatment of the underlying diseases of the spine, the lungs, the kidneys and abdominal organs;
  • the rejection of strong physical stress, and the sub-cooling of the body, especially in pregnant women;
  • the observance of the correct posture during work and studying;
  • Supply comfortable conditions for sleep;
  • Adaptation to increased body weight;
  • Restricting sudden movements of the back;
  • Checkups in the clinic for the early detection of diseases, the pain in the back.