Why pain in the back and neck

Pain in the back and neck appear to be mostly due to cramps in the muscles and joint Subluxation of the vertebrae. Unfortunately, diagnosis of the muscles and joints y is not good enough. The smallest disc herniation and a protrusion immediately detected by the CT and MPT, while subluxations and displacement of the vertebrae often remain undetected. Electromyography, which allows to show a significant different in muscle tone, often not carried out at all.

How and why is abnormal muscle spasms, or subluxations of the vertebrae? Maybe you can only y weight lifter or occur only after injury, or injury of the spine?

In fact of the matter is that it can happen to absolutely any c and almost imperceptibly.

Muscle spasm can grow throughout its life and even cause vertebrae moved and sprains

Cramps in the muscles of the back and neck

The impulse to a spasm in the muscles everyday things can be used:

  • Constant uncomfortable, tense posture in the sitting
  • The second reason is the abrupt movement and disproportionate physical activity is :
    • Spasm of the muscles of the thoracic lumbar spine of the back may be due to the carrying of loads on the outstretched Hand in front of you
    • The pain and tension in the muscles of the lumbar region occurs due to the attempts of the heavy lifting from the position of the tilt
  • The third reason is muscle inflammation (Myositis) due to the elementary sub-cooling. Probably all know the pain in the neck or back, due to the disastrous drafts. Strangely, this happens more often in the summer than in the Winter. The reason for this is the incorrectly positioned air-conditioning units is c exhibited the same wrong temperature regime (co too much of a difference between the outer and predetermined temperatures)

Symptoms of pain in the neck and back

  1. Cervical cancer Myositis (it is also sometimes called neck-strap sciatica) causes pain on one side: from the top by the ear in shoulder and arm
  2. Pain of the back in the thoracic spine are the ribs in the shape between the edges of the neuralgia. The localization in the left part of the chest leads to a Simulation of a heart attack
  3. Lumbar pain (lumbago), in the hip. In the case of inflammation of the same sciatic nerve, there is an acute pain attack of "sciatica", when the pain extends from the gluteus and down the whole back of the thigh and lower leg, literally, to the soles

The mechanism of occurrence of muscle pain

Why pain syndrome in the muscles, often safe again difficult, despite the fact that the first attack is able to go by themselves? And why the muscle soreness?

If the muscle spasms in the back and neck by the muscles, the nerves, it is a Reflex mechanism of pain, the hell of Boomerang:pinched

  • A pinched nerve propagated muscle spasms (it is the natural protective function of pain-reaction)
  • A renewed spasm of the muscles, nerves and everything goes on the endless cycle
The pain simply can not go because of the constant involuntary Irritation.

Treatment of muscle pain in the back and neck

The development of chronic pain syndrome and incorrectly promotes treated:

  • Heat compresses on the area of pain, hot baths, loops initially lead to a visible relief, but then the muscles of the back and neck is swelling even bigger, and the pain escalates
  • The implementation of therapeutic exercises and the c exercises during the exacerbation, it can stretch to a deterioration, since the reaction already tense muscles can be under the influence of the additional load is unpredictable. In some cases, you can relax, other will be even more strained
  • A similar reaction can occur and in the case of the Massage
  • The flattened muscle very tightly in the handle, you would have to harden, to turn a most of the people extremely difficult to-stretch, rotate your neck, to lift and dissipate in the direction of the Hand.

    Treatment of muscle spasms and acute pain should syndrome the rapid elimination of the pain

    To this end, appointed a one-week bed rest and carried out:

    1. Five-to seven-day course of pain therapy non-steroidal drugs
    2. In the case of extensive painful area of procaine or lidocaine Blockade may be made
    3. Meetings постизометрической relaxation — very effective static exercises to relieve pain
    4. Manual therapy and acupuncture, when carried out by qualified professionals
    5. Myofascial Massage c massing Trigger (painful) points

    Trigger point and the area of pain is not always the same:

    • Loin pains, a muscle tightened to far down and not from the rear, a front

    Displacement of the joints of the spine, back and neck muscles

    Displacement (Subluxation) of the joints of the spine are not uncommon. Can provoke:

    • Trauma of the spine, and even in a common household: fall, strike, failed landing on the feet, etc.
    • Sharp tilt, rotation of the neck and trunk co large angle
    • Constant Muscle Spasms,Bruising, Eddy

    Diagnosis of displacement of the joints

    If Subluxation occurs after a fall or a speaker, then the diagnosis may be incurred by suddenly and a long time pain is gone. During the movement of послышаться can grind or click
    • The Element of surprise of the pain syndrome should alert the physician, as in the case of osteochondrosis or hernia chronic pain is present, and in the course of the years
    • If Subluxation is the fault of muscles to diagnose the more difficult, since a shift develops gradually and shows a gradual increase in pain and immobility

    Displacement of the joints and can not give a bright clinical picture, with the exception of those cases in which this occurs in transient areas:

    • The neck and chest
    • Chest-Lumbar
    • Lumbosacral

    In each Department, there are other characteristic signs of a shift in the vertebra body:

    In the cervical spine:

    • Sore and dizzy
    • Blackout, flying before the eyes, noise in the ears
    • The curvature of the neck
    • Weakness in the Hand, a feeling of burning and numbness in the fingers (cervicobrachial syndrome brachial Plexus)

    In the chest:

    • Dagger of pain between the shoulder blades, radiating to the sternum and the abdomen

    Such symptoms — the cause of frequent hospitalization of patients with suspected myocardial infarction, ulcers and even appendicitis .

    Determine that the chest pain not due to heart quite easily: After taking nitroglycerin attack of pain is not

    In the lumbar spine:

    • Acute pain, radiating to the thigh, lower abdomen and groin This happens in the case of the Subluxation of the vertebra in the upper division of the loin c the femoral nerve pinching
    • Pain along the entire back of the leg, starting c buttocks
    • Numbness, a feeling that brings the legs or deducted Such phenomena speak o pinching of the sciatic nerve with Subluxation of the vertebrae in the lower lumbar of the back

    The treatment of Subluxation of the joints

    The optimal treatment of the Subluxation of a vertebra is поставмть him on the spot, this is done with the help of osteopathy and manual therapy. Pain does not stop, as long as the vortex is not back to its original place

    Unfortunately, clever chiropractor and manual therapist's true, spend a competent position vertebra, very little.

    Back and neck pain1
    1. You start with the treatment c mandatory relief of pain of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents
    2. Then it is advisable to be a competent session of manual therapy
    3. But manual therapy is not self-sufficient method of treatment, and to maintain its effect, there are measures to strengthen the diseased spine. You can achieve this, at the same time strengthening the muscles and restore your Balance with the help of:
    • Helping Physiotherapy
    • Massage
    • Electric miostimuljatsii

    Cervical and lumbar spine osteochondrosis

    Co time chronic cervical Myositis leads to back pain, a he, to hernias, in contrast, a very common cause of pain in the neck, and fairly widespread phenomenon among very young people.

    • Symptoms of the cervical osteochondrosis includes and vascularium injury, if the pain,numbness in the neck and below the shoulder-shoulder-blade-area, the hands, the signs of stroke
    • Pain but and muscle cramps in chest-lumbar region — in the Form of burning прострелов, then in the Form of chronic pain whining by c sense, than would be subtracted legs. The gait is uncertain: the person curved in the truest sense on the ground

    If patients with cervical osteochondrosis usually go to the doctor, and c of the complaint, that the head hurts, then at the lumbar spine, the likely cause is already far down and start to complain already to the "paralysis of the legs".

    Spasm of the muscles in the lumbar spine leads to spasms and constriction in the blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to all organs, the problematic phases, including the legs. deteriorate Therefore, the feeling of numbness in the extremities

    If the pain in the back and neck, despite treatment, in the course of the week, there is reason to suspect more serious illnesses: malposition of the joints of the spine or fracture between the vertebrae disc.

    Back and neck pain2

    Pain in between the vertebrae hernia

    Finally, the hernia is the source of the intense pain in the cervical spine and the lumbar spine, a neck and a dangerous phenomenon approached between the vertebrae, because of the prominent role of the neck as the "Pipeline" for the vertebral artery.

    Pain in herniated discs is really the nagging and long since called spinal pinched nerves. But this disease never occurs on a blank spot and always secondary

    In General, pathology is preceded by:

    • Long degenerative processes in the spine, such as intervertebral disc disease
    • Disorders of muscle function (the pain and cramps in certain muscle groups)
    • Injuries and other diseases

    Therefore, the expression "y me suddenly, a hernia was formed" incorrectly, although the outcome for the victim is often a complete surprise. But also here you have to fall together from a number of external factors:

    • - Increase of the weight in an uncomfortable Position
    • Sharp movement "not there"
    • On the feet or the coccyx, etc.
    Pain is the formation of hernias is not always leads to:
    • The anterior hernia is directed in the opposite direction of the spinal cord and never nerve is pinched
    • Schmorl ' nodules, which are so fond of doctors scare, more often free of symptoms is absolute, because it happens, thus increasing the vertical damage to the cartilage or between the spinal disk in the vertebral body. Contact of c nerve is also not possible
    Dangerous only dorso (back) hernia

    If you have pain in your back and neck, perform a thorough diagnosis.

    Very often there are cases in which people treat a hernia, and in the picture it really is, but the cause of the pain can be, as the most important cause: compression of the nerve is missing. The location of the hernia eliminates this possibility

    But Person y hurts the back, and it's still hard to treat "the hernia," and even ee operate. A causes of the pain can be cramps, in fact, a Subluxation, and locking of the vertebrae or muscle.